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Guide to Globe Slicers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Slicers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed to meet the specific needs of your business. But to purchase a slicer not designed for your needs could hurt you. On the one hand, you might overspend on a heavy duty slicer when you’re really only slicing meat or produce an hour or less a day. While on the other hand maybe you tried to save a few bucks by purchasing a light duty slicer for your heavy duty needs, which could seriously cost you in the form of a new slicer when it breaks unexpectedly.

Fortunately we’ve made this easy-to-use infographic featuring Globe slicers, a Tundra Top Pick. We’ve broken out their top three models to showcase the features and usage times of each to help you narrow down the right slicer for your business.

Click the image to download the Guide to Globe Slicers


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