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9 Restaurant Management Tips

Restaurant Management TipsAs you know, restaurant management is more than a full time job.  It means long hours and lots of hard work.  Here at The Back Burner we understand that restaurant managers and owners are always on the go and that every day is a challenge to meet revenue goals, keep both customers and employees happy, and still retain a little sanity at the end.

Over the past few months we’ve published several articles aimed at giving you tips on how to make things run more efficiently, smoothly, and hopefully, more profitably in your restaurant.  Here’s a recap of the best of those articles:

  1. How To Deal With Employee Theft – High turnover means you always have employees who are either new or are untrustworthy or both.  Some key tips on dealing with theft when it happens and also how to prevent it in the first place.
  2. Should Your Restaurant Have A Website? – The simple answer to this question is yes, definitely, without a single doubt.  In this article we’ll also tell you how to start and manage a website easily.
  3. Be Like A Stock Broker – Not that any of the large investment banks followed their own advice in recent years, but typically a stock broker will tell you to diversify your revenue.  Here’s how to do so in your restaurant.
  4. How To Implement A HACCP Food Safety Program – This is a complete guide to implementing a HACCP program in your restaurant, from start to finish.  If you’re not familiar with the principles and implementation of HACCP, this is a must read!
  5. Stop Giving Waste Fryer Oil Away! - A new invention will be able to turn your waste oil into electricity, which could end up saving your restaurant A LOT of money.
  6. 7 Tips On How To Email Market For Restaurants – Email marketing can be a very cost-effective way to reach your customers.  Learn how to implement an email marketing program in this article.
  7. 4 Steps To Managing Your Reputation Online - With the advent of social media, everybody who visits your restaurant is an opinion maker.  Learn how to respond to what people are saying online in this post.
  8. Why Your Restaurant Should Start Catering… And 4 Simple Steps To Start – Customers are staying home in record numbers this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to buy your restaurant’s delicious food.  Learn why you should start catering today.
  9. 4 Steps To Keep “Inventory Shrink” From Making Profits Smaller – Whether inventory in your restaurant is intentionally stolen or accidentally stolen because it’s thrown away, controlling shrink is key to boosting your profits.

No matter what segment your restaurant is in, tweaking restaurant operations can make a big difference on the bottom line.


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    I found your post on “Restaurant Management tips” within your vast selection of pages. I was very impressed with the usefulness of this post and how easily the suggestions can be applied by real people like you and I. I would have to imagine that the average chef or new restaurant manager is not aware of the keys you’ve pointed out in this article, which is why this article is so relevant. I applaud you for providing quality articles on your site. Much of the content that I come across pertaining restaurant management and commercial food preparation is pretty watered down but not yours.

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