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Fixing Commercial Oven Problems


Oven problems are fairly simple to diagnose.

The most common complaints are:

  • The pilot won’t stay lit.
  • The oven won’t get up to temperature.
  • The oven gets too hot.
  • The oven does not cook evenly.

ThermocoupleProblem number one is probably the most common.  Usually it’s the thermocouple that causes this problem.  When lighting the pilot, if the thermocouple is not directly in the flame it can not get hot enough to allow it to open the safety valve.  If it is directly in the flame and it won’t stay lit then the thermocouple is probably defective and needs to be replaced,  Keep in mind that some safety valves have the thermocouple permanently attached so the entire valve must be replaced.

If you’ve replaced the thermocouple and attempt to light the pilot and it still will not stay lit then the safety valve is defective.  Remember to check the type of safety valve you have to get the correct replacement.  For correct identification  procedures check out this Tech Talk post.

When working on any type of gas equipment always remember to shut off the gas!

Number two is usually a thermostat problem.  When you set the thermostat at a set temperature and it does not reach that point it may be one of two problems:Gas Thermostat

1. The thermostat may be defective.
2. The thermostat may be out of calibration.  To check the calibration get a thermometer that you know is accurate.  Put it in the oven and set the thermostat to 250º.  Open the kick plate below the oven door and watch the burner flame, if it goes off before the oven reaches 250º you may be able to calibrate it.

To calibrate a thermostat remove the knob and check to see what type of thermostat you have.  The thermostat is either a type with a round disk that has two screws holding it in place or it will have a D shaft with a small screw in the center of it.  In either case only turn the disc or screw a fraction of a turn at a time and no more than a quarter turn either direction.

Continue to turn the disc or screw a fraction of a turn each time until you see the burner come back on.   If you reach that quarter of a turn point and the burner does not come back on, the thermostat is defective and must be replaced.  If the burner comes back on, watch the temperature of the oven and if it gets to within 5 or 10° of the preset temperature, you are good to go.  It may take several tries to get it properly calibrated.

If you still can not get it calibrated within the temperature range, you need to replace the thermostat.  All thermostats are preset from the factory and should not require calibration when installed.  If you find that the new thermostat does require calibrating, follow the previous instructions.

Number three is also a thermostat problem.  Follow the same procedure to calibrate as you did for the oven not getting to temperature.  Again, if you can’t get it to calibrate, replace it and the oven should heat to the correct temperature.

Number four is a common problem after a new thermostat has been installed.  All the thermostats have a capillary tube with a bulb attached to the end of it.  This is the part that senses the temperature in the oven.  The bulb is attached to clips inside the oven.  If the bulb is not put back in the same place, i.e. it’s just stuck in the oven cavity and left hanging, then the thermostat will run “wild,” meaning the oven cooks unevenly.

Remember to get that bulb back into those clips no matter how hard it may be.

If your oven is running wild check and make sure the bulb is installed properly.  Another reason for the oven running wild is that the thermostat is totally defective and in this case must be replaced.

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  1. can I make my own cross over gas assembly for a bakers pride d125 gas oven?
    I can not seem to find a picture of one online however looking at the part still in the oven it looks pretty basic
    I heard service techs make this part all the time

    • Hi Kevin,

      If you’re talking about replacing the FMRA or FMDA safety valve then you can get the replacement kit from Bakers Pride, part number L5008P for a cost of $900.00.

      This kit includes a TSll safety valve,pilot assembly, thermocouple and a replacement front panel.

      Or if you want to part it out (less expensive) you need our parts as follows:

      TS11 safety valve head 41-421 $97.48
      TS11 body 41-406 $36.65
      Thermocouple 41-279 $17.79
      Pilot Assembly 41-407 $83.16
      Insulation Cover 42-317 $8.90

      Now the TS11 body is 7/8″ shorter than an FMDA or FMEA body so you will have to add in a longer pipe nipple to make up that 7/8″.

      It is a pretty straight forward installation.

      There is one more thing you need to know. We have had issues with the capillary tube on the thermocouple overheating; that is what the insulation cover is for. Due to the heat factor you may have to go to your local hardware store and get additional hi heat insulation.

      I also understand that Bakers Pride and Blodgett have experienced the same issues.

      If you need additional assistance we’d be happy to help! Just call 1-888-388-6372.


      • Weird oven problem- can you help?
        I have a marsal MB45 oven. The past few weeks the top oven keeps going out. We figured out that whenever we open the door to put pizzas in, The oven turns off. If we do not open the oven, it stays on. It does not sound like a mechanical issue since it only occurs when we open the door. What could be causing it?

        • Tundra Restaurant Supply


          When you open the door and you say oven turns off, do you mean the pilot light is going out?

          Thank you for clarifying!

          • I too have this problem. It’s infuriating, and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I live overseas and don’t have access to a technician. There needs to be a Skype based service for making these repairs!

  2. thanks for the info on the replacement kit for bakers pride pizza ovens the ts 11 I recenly try this and had problems with the thermocouple blowing out i did’nt know that u had to use a insulation cover on the thermocouple to i read your feed back on this matter thanks so much

  3. I have BP Y600 and have replaced the FMEA with the TS11 but have not switched out the burners. The pilot light keeps going out. I replaced the thermocouple again and the pilot still goes out. I leave the burner chamber door open and everything stays lit.

    How can I get the pilot to stay lit with the chamber door closed?

    Do I have to change out the burner? If yes, why?

    • Hi Gren,

      What is happening is the capillary tube for the thermocouple is over heating. You need to insulate it. Home Depot has insulation that is rated up to 700 degrees. The entire length of capillary tube that is exposed in the burner compartment has to be insulated. That will solve the problem. You don’t have to change out your burners.

  4. Will do!

    Many thanks!!!

    • Hey green the solution is buy a heavy duty thermocouple part # k16ra-60h 60 inch w1343 the brand is baso a comes with a ceramic insulation on it that fix my problem no need for chance ur burners

  5. I looked at Home Depot and Lowes for the high temp insulation and they say they don’t carry it. Any other place you know of.

  6. Is the thermocouple used with the 41-421 and 406 kit a standard thermocouple that would be used with a furnace?

    • No it is not. It is a 750 millivolt thermocouple nd a furnace themocouple is not. If you use it on a furnace it will eventually burn out the solenoid in the gas valve.

  7. have blodgett 981 pizza ovens,both have all new valves,shut offs,pilot valveabove shut off, and thermocouple. one oven has worked about 1 month, the other one the oven will light but only burn about 35-40- mins. then shut off, but you can hold pilot knob down couple min and it will relight.. the 1st oven just quit. can you help

    • Because of the replacement kit this is a recurring problem. The capillary tube of the thermocouple that is exposed in the burner compartment over heats causing the entire unit to shut down. What is needed is a high heat insulation to wrap that exposed part of the capillary tube in the burner compartment.
      Home Depot has an insulation that is rated at 700 degrees that can be used to do this job.

  8. You’re 100% right with those 4 major problems. They consist of 80% of all troubleshooting conversations that we have with our clients. The thermostat and thermocouple are the main regulating components and if they aren’t working right, then don’t expect the oven to produce the quality you’re looking for. Maintenance people!

  9. I have a question to ask can I put a timer on a pizza oven commercial so it can turn on when set and turn off when set if yes where can I buy it

    • Hi Landy,

      I made some inquiries about putting a timer on the oven and nobody knows of a timer that would do that.


  10. Thank you for these very helpful and detialed instructions regaurding oven repair and common oven problems. I see far too often oven problems that are often times unknown and unfortunately many do not have the knowledge to troubleshoot or fix these issues. I have found after reading this short article that oven repair can be quite simple and easy to fix with the right knowledge. Its crazy that the simplest items such as a thermostat calibration can be mean all the diference in keeping an oven in top operating shape. Thank you for sharing this very useful oven repair info, I feel it will help many people solve their oven problems and get back to baking those delicious dishes. Thank you and awesome blog!

  11. I have 2 blodgett 961’s.I replaced everything,pilot burners,safety valves,gas valves,thermostats,I feel I’m having the same over heating problem others are having.I wrapped both cap tube wires w/ both wire cover 42-317 and high heat sheld covers from a local speed shop.the pilots still go out after about 30-40 min. After cooling down I can relight the pilots but they go out again,after 30-40 min any other suggetions.Is it possible to switch to fmda safety valves,My bari ovens have these and i never have a problem w/them,I’m at wits end any help would be welcomed,Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately the FMDA and FMEA safety valves were discontinued due to the mercury in them.

      A service guy that does business with us went through the same issue. He found an insulation at Home Depot that is rated at 700 degrees. He took that and insulated the thermocouple cap tube and it solved the shutting down problem. So you might want to try Home Depot for the insulation.

  12. I have a Lincoln pizza oven and won’t go past 400° help

  13. Hey i have recently bought 2 blodgett 1060;s I have been having problems with my top oven every time i turn the gas down to 300 degrees the pilot goes out the next day it gives me problems starting up once i get it will stay working until i lower the heat at night and the same problem happens i have changed the pilot assembly three times and the gas valve once these ovens are from 2007 they are not old they always go out after a friday when its busy can you please help me its very frustrating!!! My mother has bp600 from the 80’s and they never have problems maybe once every 7 years i used to have 1997 bp600s with the new thermocouple system and i found myself buying thermocouples every 6 months that is why i bought blodgetts cause i was tired of fixing them please help.

  14. i have a blodgett 1000 series pizza oven and the top oven dose not get up to temperature. if you set it to 600 it only goes to 350 and the flame kicks down and maintains the temperature

    • Hey Sam,
      Sounds like the thermostat is defective. If you need the replacement stat it is our part number 41502 and we do have it in stock. Click here to buy.

      • I have a Blodgett 1000 that has everything new. Pilot stays lot as long as the oven is off. 10 minutes after main burner is turned on, everything shuts off. Could the gas pressure be an issue?

        • Hey Bob,

          The most common cause of this issue is airflow. You need to make sure everything is clean in the burner compartment. These units will suck in air from around the door in the front, so it’s important to run a screwdriver under the door to dig out any debris that might be blocking the airflow. Also, you might check to see if the hood above the unit is pulling enough air up and out of the area which would induce better airflow in the unit. Of course, gas pressure can come into play, but with burners that large the more likely solution is airflow.

          Other possible causes:

          • Low gas pressure
          • Incorrect orifice sizing
          • Bad thermocouple

          If you have more questions, give us a call at 1-888-388-6372 or contact us online.

          – Tundra Team

  15. I have a 981double deck oven . Top deck runs hotter (100+degrees) at times than the bottom.

  16. I have a Baker’s Pride D-125. The pilot on my bottom oven is lit, but will not ignite the burners. This oven is not used as much as the top oven, so my concern is that has had some impact on the unit. Is there anything I can try to fix it so that it will ignite the burners? Thanks in advance!

  17. I have an impinger 1000 that will run fine from cold for about 5 min then flames out. It relights itself and continues to run to desired temp. Some days it will go out and relight itself 50 times before it settles down and runs good.
    Any ideas?



  18. I have a Blodgett 911p with the older style safety valve. Can the thermocouple be replaced on this or do I have to convert to the newer style valve.

    • Hi Mike,
      Unfortunately you will have to do the conversion. The thermocouple on the old FMEA and FMDA safeties are not replaceable.
      There is now a replacement for that old safety if you want to go that route. It is a Tundra Number 41-403 at a cost of $402.44 or the Blodgett conversion kit 41-444 at a cost of $474.48. You can see both of those at etundra.com.

  19. Hey

    Big problem with the pilot lights going out on my Bakers Pride D125 deck ovens. Chamber door pretty much has to be kept open so the oven will heat up. I’ve replaced all parts and have went through 4 thermopiles. Is it as simple as insulating the thermopile?


    • Hello Mass,
      If you converted to the TS type safety then yes you would need to insulate the cap tube of the thermocouple that is exposed in the burner compartment. Home Depot carries an insulation that is rated at 700 degrees that seems to take care of the problem. I do not have the name of it but if you ask them they seem to know what it is.

  20. Hey

    By replacing all parts I was referring to the 4 thermopiles I’ve went through and the pilot burner/orfice assembly. I haven’t changed any of the main controls. My ovens are 4 years old and are stacked on top of each other and very rarley I’m able to use both without one definately going out. The tech that I use keeps saying I have a weak pilot flame but can’t seem to make it “torch like” he wants. We set a millivolt tester and notice as the oven heats up the millivolts decrease even though the thermopile sits partly over the burner flame. When the ovens do get to temp, the pilot light is a weak yellow flame

    thanks again


    • Hey Mass,
      Has this been happening since you have had the ovens or did this problem just start happening?
      What size gas line is feeding the ovens? Are they tied together. The reason I ask is if both units are tied together there may not be enough volume of gas to fire both units at the same time. You may have to increase the size of the gas hose feeding the units. Most units separately require a ¾” hose but together they may need at least a 1” hose.
      If this just started happening I would contact the manufacturer to find out if they have had any issues of this nature with any of their units. If they have they may have a fix for it.
      Also has the water column been checked. It should be at about 10 inches of water column, if it is below that then you will have that problem of the pilots dropping to low flame. Hope this helps.

  21. I tryed your trick with the high temp insulation
    And I was a no go my oven still goes out. What to do now???

    • Because they are fairly new I would call the manufacture and get Tech support on the phone and see if they have been having this problem with others and ask them what their fix is.

  22. I have a 951 blodgett

  23. I run two 1978 covection FAI ovens for pies…they have been solid, until one this morning refuses to allow gas flow. Red “not up to temp” indicator light is on, ceramic igniter is glowing, just no gas flow. Other oven is working fine. Some things to look at? Joe


    • Hey Joe,
      What is the brand name of your ovens?
      Does the igniter stay on or does it cycle on and off?
      It may be that the gas solenoid valve is not opening (coil could be burnt out). To check it take a small screw driver and when you turn on the oven touch it to the top of the solenoid coil. If you can feel magnetism with the screw driver then the coil is okay but may mean the plunger in the solenoid is stuck closed.
      It could be your thermostat is defective. To check if it is the thermostat remove one of the wires from the thermostat and touch it to the other wire on the thermostat. If the burner fires then you know for sure it is the thermostat.

  24. I have a Blodgett 999 double oven. The top oven is not functioning properly. I did read above posts and it seems it could be a thermostat issue. The safety valve has been replaced, as has the thermocouple which came with a heat shield. The oven struggled to get up to and hold 475f, the oven also turned itself completely off about every 15 minutes during a bake, yet when I turned the burner off the pilot stayed lit.

    Additionally both ovens have had the orofices replaced, the top oven makes an
    audible rushing air sound when the burner valve is opened, the bottom oven does not make this sound.
    Thanks Kevin

    • Hey Kevin,
      I do not think you have a thermostat problem, it sounds as though it can’t reach temp because of it shutting down every 15 min.
      There has been a problem with those shutting down prematurely. The problem is the thermocouple over heats even with the heat shield. To resolve this you may have to go to Home Depot and get your self a piece of insulation that is rated at 750 degrees and wrap the thermocouple cap tube with it (any of it that is exposed in the burner compartment). This Seems to remedy the problem. I’m not sure what the insulation is but the Home Depot people do.
      I’m not sure what is causing the rushing air noise. Could be the way the two units are piped. Meaning the top oven may be getting a little more gas flow than the bottom one.

  25. Hi,

    Having an issue with my bakers pride D-125 deck oven. Was having an issue with pilot light staying lit. Converted the safety valve with the TS Safety valve listed above. the pilot lit would light and remain lit until the oven was fired up. The first time it remained lit for about an hour then the burners and pilot light would all go out. The pilot light would not relight until the oven cooled down. I have replaced the thermocouple and do have hi heat insulation the entire length. I replaced the thermostat and the gas regulator. each time I replaced something the same issues occurs. I have even replaced the safety valve again in case the valve was faulty. No Luck.

    Even with all these new parts the pilot light will remain lit as long as the oven is not turned on – when i do turn on oven the burners will fire up and the oven will start to heat – I even have flame control with the thermostat. I can even shut off the oven and the pilot light will remain lit. Its when i leave the oven running for more that 10mins the burners and pilot dies out.

    I am stumped and my plumber cannot figure out what the problem is. I don’t not know what to try next or what i can even replace next since almost all parts have been replaced.

    • Hi Vern,
      The main issue with the conversion of these units is the thermocouple. I don’t know how much insulation you have around the capillary so lets try this. Because the oven reaches temps as high as 600 degrees you need an insulation that has a temp range of about 750 degrees. The only place I know of that you can get it is at Home Depot. Tell the sales person at Home Depot that you need a piece of insulation rated at 700 to 750 degrees and they can help you.

  26. Hi

    I have installed the insulation listed in your previous post about retrofitting the safety valve. I believe that this insulation is rated for 1000 degrees F (ordered from tundra Tundra No. 42317).

    I was wondering if you think i need additional insulation for the thermocouple. I have installed the insulation sleeve from the oven wall to the thermocouple holder, in other words the entire length of the copper tubing that is in the oven cavity. I have also ran the thermocouple as close the the outside as possible (close to the door and away from the main gas line) to reduce any direct heat transfer.


    • Hey Vern,
      I believe that is a miss print.
      I do know that this has been a persistent problem with everyone and with the aid of a Tech from another company he discovered the other insulation I spoke of. He wrapped the tube with it and has not had a problem since.

  27. Hey

    Thanks for the help. Sorry I haven’t got back to you. The gas lines are tied together. I believe they are 3/4 inch. Haven’t had my tech check the water column yet.

    I did call Bakers Pride and spoke with Bob Petrie. He was somewhat helpful. Well kida. He suggested I keep the thermopile wire as far away from the burner chamber as possible. Say’s I should run it along the door of the chamber. That was his advice. So I have done that. Used both ovens last night with no issues. Normally I don’t use 2 ovens. Never that busy, wish I was. lol Hopefully that’s all it is. Seems too simple but I’ll take it. My thermopile does go black and eventually flakes out where it attaches the to the thermocouple. No pilot leak

    I’m thinking maybe I should just wrap the thermopile with the insulation. Do you guys sell that or just go to home depot? Being in Canada, I hope they carry it.

    thanks again for your help. Much appreciated


  28. I have an appliance service business in maryland. Do you know where I can get training or info on repairing commercial ovens and such ?

    • Hi Joe,
      You can continue using Tech Talk and you can also get from etundra.com two repair manuals. One of them for Gas Equipment Repair Tundra #36-501 and the other Electric Equipment Repair Tundra #36-502. They both get right down to the basics of restaurant equipment repair.
      I have to say most basic restaurant equipment is a lot easier to repair than residential equipment.
      Of course if you run into a problem on any piece of equipment and you can’t find the answer in either of the books you can always refer back to Tech Talk on etundra’s blog The Back Burner we would be happy to help you out.

  29. Have a 12-yr-old wolf 6-burner with oven. A few weeks ago oven went out in the middle of service, so I re-lit the pilot and oven relit. Next day, it happened again but the pilot would not stay lit after holding 30 seconds (with oven off). Changed out the thermocouple and it still would not stay lit. changed out the safety valve and now I can light the pilot but only if i turn on the oven a little. Then, the pilot will stay lit until I turn on the oven. Once I turn on the oven, everything stays lit for a few minutes then everything goes out, burner and pilot.

    One thing, I can’t find the identical compression fitting, so too much gas was getting into the burner. the flame was very high and yellow. I rigged the valve that I got from the valve company engineer who was trying to help me so that less gas would flow into the burner. That took care of the high yellow flame, but the burner and pilot still went out after a few minutes.

    Any ideas? THANKS!

    • Hi Shelly,
      It sounds as though you may have a defective thermostat. It is not allowing any gas flow through to the safety which in turn goes to the pilot. When you turn the thermostat on slightly it allows a flow of gas to the pilot and when you turn it up further it will allow the burner to light but then it is shutting down prematurely.
      That is a good sign that you will have to replace the thermostat. You may have an FDO or BJWA type thermostat in that unit.
      You can identify it by going to etundra.com and enter either FDO or BJWA on the search bar and it will give you a picture of what the thermostat looks like.

  30. If my pilot light on my blodgett pizza oven remains lit but I cannot get the main burner to light when I open the gas valve how do I know if my problem with the safety valve or the thermostat. sometimes a bit if gas does get into the main burner and the first few holes do light. I was assuming that it the safety valve was bad I could not get a pilot but I’m not sure.

    • Hi Mike,
      If your pilot is staying lit your problem is not with the safety. Not knowing the model of your unit I am going to say that it has gas solenoid valves in it. The solenoid is controlled by the thermostat. When you turn on the thermostat it opens the solenoid allowing gas to flow to the burners. It sounds as though it may be sticking because you mentioned that you get a little gas to the burner at times. To check it take a small screw driver and touch it to the top of the solenoid and turn on the thermostat. If the screw driver sticks to the solenoid then you have magnetism, which tells me the plunger in it is probably sticking not allowing gas flow. If there is little or no magnetism then it is time to replace the solenoid.
      If you do have magnetism and not getting gas flow you can either replace the solenoid or get a rebuild kit for it.

  31. Hi, i have a new Barco po-24 gas pizza oven and it burns the pizza always on the right side and constanly goes off when i open the door can somebody help me…

    • Hi Edil,

      Is your unit gas or electric? Did the unit come from Admiral Craft or Cecilware? I can not seem to find a model PO-24. I have come across PO-18 and PO-22 models.

      I will say this though, usually when the pizza burns on one side it is an indication that the thermostat bulb is not snapped into the clips where it belongs. Check that out and see if that is the case.

      With the other information I may be able to help you with the problem of it turning off when you open the door.

      Let me know.

    • Hey Edil,

      I have done quite a bit of research and can not find a pizza oven with the brand name Barco. There is a company called Barco International LLC that sells restaurant equipment. They are out of Connecticut. Did you happen to purchase the oven from them?

      I would like to help remedy your problems if I can. Could you look and see if there is another tag on the unit with more information.

      Thank You.

    • Edil: Hi, the oven was purchased here in Puerto Rico it does not have any more info (po-24 Barco).

      Hi Edil,

      Ok Lets see if we can fix your problem. As I said before the uneven cooking may be due to the thermostat bulb not hanging in the clips for it. The clips may be on the upper side of the oven or in the upper back, so check that out.

      Now as far as the unit shutting off when you open the door. I am assuming that the pilot is going out also. If that is the case it could be caused by low gas pressure. It could be caused by a defective pressure regulator. Because it is a new unit you may need to have a service company come in and adjust the water column setting.

      The manuals that you got with your unit should indicate where the water column should be set, if it does not your service guy should know where to set it.

      You see when you light the pilot you may get enough flame to heat up the thermocouple enough to open the safety but when you turn on the thermostat that flame may drop due to low pressure when the burners ignite. When you open the door there may be enough breeze into the chamber to extinguish the pilot flame thus shutting down your unit.

      I hope this helps.

      Bake a pie for me.

      • Hi
        I have the same problem with my Fage oven’s pilot!It goes on after I gave it couple of gentle blows but as soon as we open the door or someone walks by it,the oven goes off 🙁 We’ve been dealing with it for months now as can’t afford to bring one of the engineers to get it fixed!Any help would be great

        • Hi Naim,

          Not sure what’s happening here. Something may be wrong with either the thermostat, thermocouple or heating element. A service tech may be your best bet unless you have a manual handy.

  32. Have an american range majestic commercial convection oven. operates fine but every few hours temp goes wild, up to max until i shut it off, then does fine for a few hrs and again goes “wild”. Already replaced thermostat didnt help. Any thoughts?

    • Hey Patrick,
      When you replaced the thermostat did you snap the bulb on the end of the capillary tube back into the clips? This pertains to both a manuel control thermostat as well as a digital control thermostat. If it is digital it has a probe that plugs on to the board.
      In either case if the bulb is just hanging loose in the oven compartment it will cause the problem you are having.
      If this is not the problem shoot me over the model number of the unit and I will see what I can do to help.

      • Probe was clipped correctly on old thermostat, and clipped right with new one. Dont think old one was bad,new one didnt fix problem I think model is majestic single deck manual controls M1?

        • Hey Patrick,
          This is kind of a stumper, I have never run across this problem before. I first was thinking that you may have gotten a defective thermostat. So I talked to tech support at American.
          They say that your gas pressure may be to high causing the burners to get to hot. The pressure at the manifold needs to be at 5″s of water colunm. Your local gas company can check that for you usually at no cost to you.
          They say that is about the only thing that could be causing this problem at this point.

  33. I’ve got a Blodgett 961P. The thermostat is reading 100F higher than usual (all of a sudden). We’ve turned it down and it seems to maintain a steady temp, but I’m wondering if I should be shopping for a new stat?

    Is it possible for a stat to “all of a sudden” need to be recalibrated?

    Any help is much appreciated.

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      There is a way to recalibrate the thermostat. The adjustment requires a small flat head screw driver, referred to as a jewelers screwdriver. Pull the knob off, in the center of the stem is where you’ll see where you can make the adjustment. Do so in small increments & measure the temperature on the range as it’s done.

  34. WE have Bakers Pride Double Stack 4 pie ovens. We want to put a timer on it so they go on when needed and off when needed automatically. Please let me know where I can find this part as it will alleviate my having to go in 2 hrs prior to opening.

  35. I have a gas pizza oven(marsal and sons- mb60). There is no problem when I set the temperature at 400 or below however when I increase the temperature over 400 than it shuts itself off. What might be the problem?

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Our first guess would be that it was the thermostat. Try replacing that and see if it helps. If not, let us know, and we can do further investigation. You could also call Marsal and Sons, 631-226-6688, and get their feedback on the issue as well.

      Good luck!

  36. I was working on a bakers pride pizza oven model Y800 and the pilot light keeps going off during the day. Door needs to be slightly opened in order for flame to stay lit. I checked millivolt in gas valve and it drops when door is closed and when i open it millivolt climbs. Gas valve and thermocouple are new??Help!!!!!

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Joe, pizza ovens operate at much higher temps. We’re wondering what part types you ordered. Maybe they weren’t they were the wrong parts needed here?

  37. Refurbishing an older Blodgett 911. When I turn on the main gas supply (not the oven valve) I can light the pilot without holding the safety valve. I’m assuming that needs to be retrofitted. Also, the burner will go full bore to 550° but never throttle down. I have to turn the oven down to 300° or so then the burner will shut off. Pilot always stays lit.
    Are there any individual parts…not the kit… available to replace the safety and thermostat?

    Thank you.

  38. I light the pilot light it stays lit as long as the firebox door is open when I light the burners close the door it will burn for 3 to 4 minutes then the burners and pilot light goes out WHY?????

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Steve, sounds like it may be the thermopile or thermostat.

    • I am having a very similiar problem. What have you learned?

    • Mine is doing this. I can open the door a crack and see the pilot starving for air then dying.
      The side flue ducts appear to be clear as well as the top flue vents. I’m stumped. What did you find out???

      • Hi Bryan,

        I’ve recently found out that some of the oven companies have been switching peoples pilot tube size from 3/16” to ¼” tubing, allowing more flow. That could help your situation. Having a good supply of spare thermocouples would be a good thing to do also.

        – Paul
        Tundra Team

      • Hey Bryan,

        My situation has been fixed with completely replacing the switch/circuit board. Of course I did not know how to do myself so I paid an arm and 2 legs for it:( Hope my experience and info. can help you save money. Cheers mate.

  39. Hello. I have a Blodgett DFG 102, have had repair man out, he adjusted the amount of propane coming into the oven, now it is making a popping noise. it is quite aalrming and we do not feel safe turning the oven on. The bottom oven is turning on but not heating up..

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply


      A few questions…

      What was the original issue, that you needed to call a tech out for?
      Where is the popping noise coming from?
      Does it happen all the time, or just under demand?

      We’d recommend calling the tech back, because they should be guaranteeing their work, and should be able to come back out and review the issue for you. What it sounds like, just based on what you’ve told us, is that the tech adjusted the regulator too high.

      Hope this helps.

  40. We have a Wolf 6 burner with griddle and two ovens. The pilot light on the smaller oven (under the griddle) will not stay lit. We have replaced the thermocoupler and the safety valve but there is still no gas flow. Everything else works perfectly. Any suggestions as to what we should try next?

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Jan, make sure the thermocouple is in direct contact with the flame. Next likely cause would be the thermostat.


    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Danny, it sounds like the gas pressure is too high. Try adjusting the pilot, and see if that helps.

  42. I just installed a brand new Blodgett 1060 a couple of weeks ago…Works great but recently I get a lingering but not over bearing smell of propane coming inside the top of the panel that has the thermostat and pilot light button in it….I removed panel and gave all the fittings a soapy water test but could not find a leak…The smell goes away when I shut off propane supply at back of ovens…Any ideas?

  43. hey tundra, i need your help with my backers pride pizza oven.
    brick oven’s flame is not working properly. i guess safety valve is a problem. if you can call me on 845-374-5700. thanks.

  44. Hello Tundra,
    I’ve been having a problem for a couple of months now with a Baker’s Pride D-125 pizza oven. Could be two separate problems, or just one and the same.

    It’s a 1980’s model having an FMEA safety valve w/ the attached thermocouple, and a gas lever(handle) in front of the oven to turn on/off the gas to the burners every morning/night.
    Two problems: a) the burners, and b) the pilot.

    Problem #1: While the pilot does stay lit all night long, when I try to turn on the burners in the morning(cold oven), sometimes the burners will not ignite and other times when they do ignite they’ll go off after about a minute. (Makes no difference if the oven or burner doors are kept closed or open).
    At this point I use a small flame torch on the thermocouple for about 4-5 seconds to get it glowing red hot, causing the burners to turn on immediately. The burners now keep the thermocouple red the entire day, thus keeping my oven working all day long.
    At closing time I turn off the gas lever to the burners, and next morning I go thru the same process again.

    Note that on some mornings the burners will ignite normally(no flame torch), and stay on, without a problem. But on most mornings I go thru the process described above.
    Problem #2: On a few occasions, after closing time, at some point during the night the pilot flame goes off. The next morning when I re-light it, it stays lit with no problem.

    Btw, I already replaced the pilot assembly last month, but the problems mentioned above still continue.

    Any help in solving this matter would be greatly appreciated.


    • Bill, we’d suggest calling Baker’s Pride and talking with their tech team. You can find their support info here http://www.bakerspride.com/service.asp and call them at 800-431-2745.

      • Thanks for the reply, Kasy.

        I managed to find the cause and already fixed the problem.
        The pilot flame was too weak to keep the thermocouple hot overnight. During the day, the burners kept the pilot going all day long.

        The problem was a clogged pilot orifice due to metal dust.
        After cleaning it and slightly increasing the orifice hole, the pilot flame now is strong enough to keep the thermocouple glowing red.
        Oven works properly once again!


      • Change the thermocouple it is faulty thus not allowing pilot light to stay on

  45. George Hernandez

    I just replaced my safety valve and thermocouple on my Bari pizza oven now my pilot flame is too, is there a way to adjust it? Thanks

    • George, we’d recommend checking the pilot orifice. Changing the thermocouple should have no effect on the flame size; although, while handling the pilot assembly to remove and install the thermocouple you could have inadvertently loosened settlement in the pilot line and clogged the orifice.

  46. Could someone please explain this mystery to me…

    I have a D125 Bakers Pride oven, the older version with the thermocouple line attached to the safety valve.

    With a normal-sized pilot flame the thermocouple maintains a nice pinkish glow.

    I decided to increase the pilot orifice hole with a needle, creating a pilot flame that’s over twice as big and much stronger than the normal flame, thinking that the thermocouple should now be able to maintain a deep-red glow.

    Well guess what: now it doesn’t even turn a slight pink, never mind a deep-red glow.

    How is it possible that with a normal pilot flame the thermocouple maintains a nice pinkish glow, BUT with a more powerful pilot flame it does not glow at all (and thus not allowing the burners to turn on)??

    Thanks for any responses.

  47. I recently purchased a pizza store and was doing some cleaning and improvements. I took out the very dirty vent screens attached to the Bakers Pride 452 and cleaned them thoroughly. I also installed a small exhaust fan in the wall that we only use for cross ventilation during business hours and when the back door is open. I noticed that my ovens were burning out at night time. We leave our ovens burning at 500 24 hours a day. either the top oven or the bottom or sometimes both would be cold in the morning. It was obvious they went out during the day. A pilot safety was replaced on the top oven and the pilot orifice was cleaned on both. All work done by a reputable commercial repair company. five days later and the top one goes out again. The previous owner told me she did not have a burn out in all the five years she owned it and the employees verified this. Even my third oven went out on at least one occassion. I believe it is an air issue as the likely hood of two going bad at the same time is just too big of a coincidence. Even after the safety/pilot assembly was replaced, lit and the burners burning and the door shut, two minutes later the whole thing was off. We had to keep the burner door open for the first 30 minutes after lighting the oven to keep it going constantly. Could it be my flue? the exhaust vent I installed is louvered and even when closed allows a small amount of air in and is located within ten feet of the oven.

  48. Hi,

    My Vulcan commercial range oven got turned off when I use the oven for baking. Do you know why and how to fix it?

  49. too much heat Lincoln Impinger pizza oven model 1116-000A

    Oven cycles to temp and kicks on and off then after awhile the main burnner stays off but just the pilot is on and the temp keeps rizing over the preset temp 480

    and only the pilot is lite burnner stays off due to over temping

    Is there a way to adjust the pilot?

  50. Hi Guys,

    My partner and I have just taken over a pizza store and to our surprise just recently our ovens stopped working, I had the service guy come out and he was being a complete nut job about the situation saying we young kids shouldn’t have a business if we cant look after our ovens even though he serviced it only 6 months ago. He replaced the fan as it wasn’t working and today come into our shop and notice our pizzas are burning. We have tried playing around with temps however, our bottom oven is perfect set on 275, we feel uncomfortable calling him again as he was so rude to us and we cant seem to find anyone else who does this kind of work. From reading all the above im guessing it could be the thermo but not 100% sure. We have a Lincoln 1002 120/240 VL… Please help guice us!

  51. I have a GE propane oven & range. I replaced the igniter that has a built in thermocouple, it lights okay but the flame on the oven burner is too low. The safty valve is in series with the igniter so i replaced it but the flame was way too much. I bought the part from the GE factory and i believe it was a natural gas velve. They ended up refunding my money & my oven still doesn work. I did monitor the in circuit current and it was withing their tolerance. I’m lost it seems like a simple system.

  52. I have an older Wolf 6 burner Commercial oven I think the model number is 6PS or 3PS – kind of hard to make out on the ID plate. I have also been told that this might be a bakers oven.
    It was converted to propane from natural gas a few years ago. Recently I have noticed that
    the oven won’t get up to temp, it takes like, 3 hours to cook a small chicken! The pilot light
    is fine and stays lit but when I adjust the oven from 250 – 500 degrees the flame does not get any bigger. The top burners all work fine. If I don’t fix this by Thanksgiving I will be foraging in the Wilderness. Help.

    • Mark, it sounds like the oven thermostat could be bad or possibly the oven safety won’t open. Call our team with model and full serial number at 888-388-6372 and we can help you find the parts.

  53. Greetings! I have an older Blodgett DFG-100 and it is trying hard to work like a champ! However, the red warm up light that’s couple with the circuit that makes the gas flow into the main burner is intermittent- sometimes it comes on and heats up the oven, but the rest of the time, just a bit of gas flows next to the thermocouple and stays on for a while while it zaps and gets that one little front prong hot, but then the gas just dies. I would very much appreciate you all’s expert analysis of what needs to be replaced! Thanks much! Stuart Trusty

  54. The pilot on my oven turns off if I set the temperature lower than 400 degrees is it something hard to fix?

  55. This information is extremely useful! I printed the articles out for future reference. I don’t have as much experience but I can now at least trouble shoot for the customer and know what questions to ask. Thank you for all the great information!

  56. We have a Moorwood Vulcan restaurant range built in 1985 and I wondered if you stocked a oven thermostat to fit.

  57. I have a Wolf model CH-4-29-HB11
    serial # 37867-1 I 86

    The oven thermostat is not working. Please specify part numbers for replacement and your recommended method for testing thermocouple, as well as any other suggestions.

    The embossed identity plate includes the above information, says “PROP” in the “GAS” box, but the unit is installed and working fine hooked up to the city’s natural gas.

    How can I tell if it was converted to run on natural gas?

    Is there any reason not to continue using it, as the stove burners seem to burn a clean blue flame that provide plenty of heat, and the oven?

    In the back of the oven there is an oblong hole that appears to be for venting, but it has been plugged. Is this a problem? FYI there is a carbon monoxide detector near the unit that has never beeped.

  58. The code on the thermostat is DIN DVGW

    • The code mentioned here doesn’t help identify the correct thermostat. Give our team a call at 888-388-6372 with the model and serial number off the unit, it should be located behind the kick plate under the oven, and we can help find the right thermostat for your unit.

  59. I have a single deck blodgett pizza oven that runs off of natural gas. The oven was running fine, then after cutting it off over vacation the burners would not re-ignite. The pilot light stays lit and the thermostat has been replaced but the ovens burners still will not light. I noticed occasionally enough naturnal gas will seep through to light the burners just barely (there is just a very tiny blue flame that flickers on many of the tiny holes in the burners) The gas flow to the burners is definitely very weak. Since the pilot light stays lit I assume the thermocoupling is OK, and like I said I just has the thermostat replaced and sometimes when I turn the thermostat to the hottest setting sometimes enough gas makes it through the lines to barely light portions of the burners. Of course if I turn the thermostat all the was down that little bit of flame on the burners goes out. Any idea what it may be?

  60. I have a Blodgett double stack pizza oven, on the top oven I am having problems with sot and blackening of the oven door. I have cleaned out the burner area and have cleaned the top of the oven but have the same problem, I do not have a problem with the bottom oven. Any suggestions?

  61. I have a montague pizza oven and I can get it to light and once it gets to temp the pilot and burners all go out I need help I have replaced the thermostat and the thermocouple still doing it now what do I do?

  62. i have a bakers pride gas oven model 251 where there is a spot in the back on the oven that seems to be buring the pizzas. The other parts of the oven are cooking correctly is there something that is breaking in the oven?

  63. Many of the challenges for ovens working at optimum performance can be fixed by replacing some of the parts. Machines don’t last forever but when maintained properly they can often last much longer than warranty. Thanks for the tips; it really doesn’t take much work to replace a thermocouple or to recalibrate the thermostat.

  64. Hi I have brand new bakers pride y800 I got the pilot flame dont stay on this problem I have every 15 to 18 days they been change the pilot tree time but after 2 week still broke again is the top oven never got problem whit the bottom one can you help ?

    • Carlo, give Bakers Pride’s service department a call at 800-431-2745 with your make and model number and they should be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. Also, have any warranty information handy too, so they can help you with issues covered under the warranty.

  65. Greetings, and thanks Casy for your recommendation on the Blodgett DFG-100 to replace the thermocouple to fix the problem of the red light for the main gas line not coming on!

    NOW, that WORKED for maybe two months plus, day in and day out. Yet now, the problem REAPPEARS… the light comes on for a second then turns off, then comes on again, and turns off… or it doesn’t come on. For the very moment, it comes on and stays on like it should, but it soon it will show this problem again. Could the new thermocouple be defective? Or is it something else, you think? Thanks much in advance!!

    • Stuart, it still sounds like a thermocouple issue or a defective replacement, perhaps? It could also be the way it was installed is wrong or that the burner valves aren’t supplying consistent gas flow. Can you give our team a call at 888-388-6372 and let us see if we can help you troubleshoot further?

      • I did call, thank you, and your team referred me to Blodgett Tech Support which was very helpful and knowledgeable. The problem this time was the long 18″ shielded wire between the thermocouple / flame sensor and the circuit board. It was spiced, dirty, and when I cleaned it thoroughly with salt + vinegar and put it back, the problem went away. For anyone to come, there is a certain amount of microvolts that have to be measured to insure the main gas cutoff opens, and if the wire is in bad shape or shorted, it won’t have enough juice to cut the relay and light on.

  66. Hello I have a Lincoln 1400 pizza oven and won’t go past ° help100 no heat thanks


    • Jose, it sounds like a thermostat problem, but I can’t be sure. Give Lincoln tech support at call at 800-374-3004 and they should be able to help you troubleshoot better.

  67. Hello, I have a Lincoln Impinger Model 1116-A that runs very hot and the temperature does not read on the display. It just reads LLL . I have replaced the circuit board and the thermo probe without any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would definitely purchase the part needed from your company. Thank you

    • Daniel, the only other thing I can think of would be thermocouple and/or circuit breaker/fuses. From the manual of your model, the recommendation is as follows: “The name and phone number of the Authorized Service Agency should be located on the oven or contact the factory for the name of the nearest Authorized Service Agency.” You could try doing that too.

  68. JG – Are you putting in a stand alone shower or tiling? For the concrete wall, you really need to get at least 1-1/2″ of closed cell foam (continuous). Whether you frame a wall, or use strapping (furring), the key is the foam, properly sealed. The interior wall, that really depends on the type of shower.

  69. I have a garland pizza oven Air deck. Seems like the door springs should last longer. Any comments?

  70. hi I have morewood plus convection oven
    And the The problem is when I turn it on the fan starts then the Amber light comes on and nothing happens
    So turn it off and start over
    You can ere a click when the Amber light comes on
    Some times if you start it a lot of times all of a sudden it will work
    I replaced the airflow sensor and it worked fine for a couple of days
    Then this
    Can you help with some advice thank you

    • Hi Perry,

      We’re not sure what might be the cause here. Sounds like the controls work, but it’s not getting heat. A service tech might be the best bet unless you have a manual.

  71. Had to disconnect my blodgett convection oven the other day – we moved it 3 feet then moved it back & reconnected it – had the gas company check the connection & when I turned it on – the motor and fan work but the oven won’t heat up – I feel it’s something simple but I can’t figure it out, can anyone help?

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hi Sabina,

      Does your oven have an electronic ignition or a standing pilot? We think you pilot will need to be lit to get this working again. If it has an electronic ignition, your sparker could need replacing. If you have any other questions we’d be happy to help: drop us a line at 888-388-6372 or contact us online

      – Tundra Team

  72. I just put in a new thermostat that should reach 550 but will only reach 450. What should i do?

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hi Kevin,

      What is the manufacturer of your new thermostat? It might be an issue with the thermostat itself, or it was correctly labeled.

      – Tundra Team

  73. Hi guys I have a Vulcan snorkel sg2 propane convection and the oven shuts down at 485 what do you think is the problem? I tried to change the thermocouples but they are integrated into safety valves and are not available anymore as replacement parts. Someone said maybe I could swap out with safety valves similar in style to bp y600’s. What did you think

  74. I have Blodgett stacked convection gas ovens model 6187, serial# 1183R3660106. The top oven will not light. When you turn the thermostat you can here it click but no heat. I do not have a manual for them and can not find anything online. Please help me

  75. I have a Vulcan double stove ,griddle and 6 burners .I have calibrated the dials several times and it is good at one temp but turn dial up and does not keep up.
    The flame on the oven down below is very little and it is like we are not getting enough gas.we have 1″ gas line.

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hey Charlie,

      Sounds like there could be a lot of things going on here. Contact Vulcan support at 1-800-814-2028 for help troubleshooting this.

      – Tundra Team

  76. Hi Guys, I have a Blodgett 1000 series oven. The oven door won’t stay closed tightly and will randomly open. I ordered both the main spring and helper spring. How would I go about changing this. Thanks you!

  77. I have a problem with one of my Blodgett convection ovens. I turn on the gas and then the fan and the oven will not start. Is there an issue with the fan? It is plugged into the same outlet as my other oven and the other one is working fine. What should I do?

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hey Nicholas,

      We’re guessing that the power is going through a safety switch in the motor. If the motor is not turning, the unit won’t let anything else fire up. The capacitor on the motor could be bad or the motor itself could be bad. Without seeing the unit or talking to you directly, we can’t be sure. Give us a call at 1-888-388-6372 or contact us online.

      – Tundra Team

  78. Regarding an Imperial Range IR-6, are the tstats operating the gas burner for typically +/- 25 Fselected temperature? Have complaint that will not reach selected temp, even with 10 min preheat. Tonight I observed, set to 500(max), after 10 min thermometer read 430-435 F. The burner op looks like it doesn’t completely shut off gas, when dialing down the temp until it is completely off. Doubting a pressure issue, did not check, but there is a Blodgett oven next to it with no issues. My next thought is try tstat calibration.

  79. i have an old wolf challenger range c1975 and after replacing thermocouple and thermostat it has a problem with maintaining a low temperature. can’t stay at 250, get too hot. any ideas? could it be the bypass flame? too high?

    • Hi Douglas,

      The bypass flame could be the culprit, but without seeing your unit directly it’s tough to know exactly what’s happening. You want that flame turned down so low so that the flame is almost floating on the burner. The only reason it’s on is so when the burners light, there isn’t a giant explosion of gas. Feel free to give us a call for 1-888-388-6372 or contact us online for more information.

      – Paul

  80. I have an old IR -4 imperial the oven, fires and pilot light stays lit as normal but the main oven burner never cuts off just runs without ever reaching temp. It only shuts off if I turn knob off. Can y’all help?

  81. I have a d125 missing but either i cant find the ratings plate or its gone. Oven works great but i could run into problems in the future. Any ideas or suggestions where to look or how to replace that?

    • Ali,

      I’m not sure how I can help you, but I think you have a Bakers Pride oven. The best way to find out the information you’re looking for is to contact the factory and select the option for Technical Assistance. Bakers Pride can be reached at 1-800-431-2745.

      – Tundra Team

  82. hello I have aj fish oven bakery oven when I turn on to bake flame is not shutting off temperature is going on is getting to hot oven is 1975 any idea what is wrong with this

  83. Hi,
    I have a Vulcan convection oven that is typically set at 425. Every once in awhile the temperature will drop drastically to wear you can place your hand inside the oven (that’s how cool it gets). But if you jack the temperature up to 450 or more then reset after it heats up its fine. The series is vcgd-10.Thanks for any and all help.

    • Hi Kyle,

      That problem would make me want to check two things.

      First I’d check the thermostat operation and if that was okay, then I’d check the gas valve to make sure it wasn’t stuck. Also, it could be an ignition issue. Most of those units try to light three times and if it is unsuccessful they will give up and lockout. It can be really hard to diagnose this way, and you’re probably going to need a service technician.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

  84. Hi, I recently have a Blodgett ctb convection oven use. I tried to use for some pans but I have a problem! My problem is when I turn the selector switch to low cook, the fan not work. Only work in cook high or cool high. Can you help me please?!! What would working bad? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Liza,

      Without more information, it’s difficult to pinpoint your problem. You could have a bad switch, a bad capacitor on the motor or a bad motor winding. The different speeds hook into the motor at different points and the low speed could be damaged but still let the high speed work. This problem would be best diagnosed by a technician.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

      • Hi Paul, thank you very much for your prompt response. I really do not have much information because the oven buy two weeks ago and when I realized a cake, I saw the fan does not rotate while is in slow cooking mode. however the fan motor is listening on. cook high or high cool fan rotates normally tightly. We think that could be the switch as you say but I see could be other factors. I know it will be best to follow your advice that I see a technician but at the moment it is not possible. We will try with the multimeter to go discarding. We want to be the switch !! Where I can buy parts? Very grateful for your help and your time.

  85. jeffrey burrows

    have a imperial stove Model #LR-10 Serial #0569806 whats is happening when the oven reaches the temperature the entire burner shuts off along with the pilot light can you please assist with this problem

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      The first step would be to replace the Thermocouple/Thermopile. It might be providing just enough power to hold it open for a while, but if it’s weak it’ll let the valve close. Alternatively, it could also be the safety valve itself. It’s hard to diagnose completely, but the thermocouple/thermopile is the cheapest option and if you end up changing the safety valve you would want a new thermocouple/thermopile. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-388-6372 or contact us online for more information.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

  86. Hello, Would appreciate some help. I have a commercial double stack Vulcan Oven. The lower portion has an issue staying on. I can hear the oven being lit and the heat light (white light) goes off for a few seconds. Then the heat light goes back on and the oven shuts off. This has to be a part issue. Is it the thermocouple?

    • I forgot to mention that it is a natural gas oven. So not heating element.

      • Hi Paul,
        Ovens like yours usually have an electronic ignition system and wouldn’t use a thermocouple. Your best course of action would be to locate your model and serial number and call Vulcan directly and speak with their Technical Assistance folks. Their number is 800-348-0251. They can walk you through troubleshooting the problem and provide you with the part numbers you’re going to need to solve your problem. Once you have that information you can check back on http://www.etundra.com or give us a call at 1-888-388-6372.

        – Paul
        Tundra Team

  87. Hello, I have an older Blodgett zephaire gl gas convection oven. MFG date of 05/92. The problem with it is that the pilot will light but not the main burners. The blodgett tech basically said that the old mercury flame switch is bad and I would have to go out on the internet and find out how to convert it to the new non-mercury style as Blodgett does not offer a conversion process on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  88. Diofe D. Sungahid

    Hi Sir,

    We are one of the service provider of bakers pride oven here in the Philippines. Our problem Sir is the oven won’t fire for one time ignition, it takes 2 to 3 times or more or it won’t fire anymore until such time that we can smell the gas odor. In that situation Sir we will turn off the switch of the oven then turn on again and do it so many times until such time that it will fire. When that time comes we will remove the cover to see if the igniter had ignite, then base on our observation it function normally. Can I ask a help of what is the problem of this oven Sir?

  89. hi,
    i am working on a neighbors blodgett single oven pizza oven. i can’t read the model number, sorry.
    i replaced the thermocouple awhile back and the pilot is fine. but now the main burner won’t lite. i suspect the thermostat/valve (an LP Robertshaw) but i want to ask if there could be a re-setable hi limit somewhere i am not seeing?
    i live in Belize and i hate to spring for a thermostat valve in haste.
    thank you for your help.

    • Hi Bill,

      Try removing the thermostat from the unit, then turn it to off and try to blow through it. You shouldn’t be able to if it’s set to off. Now, while still trying to blow through it, slowly turn it on. If you can never blow through it then you need a new one. There is no high limit on those units. If your machine has a electronic thermostat then just disconnect the wires and hook up a conductivity tester to it and it should show the circuit open when off and closed when on.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

  90. I have dcs range that dosnt get up to temperature and gas smell get very strong. And every once in a while front light comes on by itself turns burner on and goes right off.. Any help with a idea of what needs to be replaced would greatly be appreciated..thank you..

    • Marcel,

      You could have several issues that cause that from general maintenance cleaning to a bad thermostat. That said, if you’re smelling a lot of gas then the unit is allowing it to flow without being lit and this could cause an explosion. I recommend hiring a qualified technician to go over the unit for you.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

  91. Hello! Our Baker’s Pride convection oven door got stuck today and it won’t open. Was a bit hard to close. It’s a BCO-E1 model. Any help would be wonderful!
    Thank you!

    • Sue,

      I haven’t seen that one before. I would reach out to the manufacturer and speak to their technical assistance personnel. They’ll give you the part numbers you need and then give us a call and we’ll help you get them.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

  92. Hi, I have an ancient Blodgett FA-102 with an electric igniter pilot. My oven works fine as we keep it at 500 degrees but I’ve replaced the igniter 3 times in the last 15 months. I’ve noticed this last time that the igniter stays on all the time as if it doesn’t know that the burners are lit. What should my next step here be?

    • Tony,

      I’m not sure what the problem would be. It could be the board that controls the igniter, or it could be a separate flame sensor that’s not letting the board know it’s lit. If the igniter stays on, I would replace the ignition control board. Also, it’s a good ideal to call the factory and ask their technical assistance personnel for help as well.

      – Paul
      Tundra Team

  93. Paul VanderLinden

    We have dual deck Baker’s Pride Y600 natural gas ovens that have been used everyday for over 10 years now, but the bottom oven doesn’t get used too often, except when it is very busy or there is a problem with the top oven like there is now. In the past year I’ve replaced the thermocouple and pilot light on the top oven, and it seemed to do the trick for the problems we were experiencing. Now the flames when turning it on don’t get very high, and the middle/front/center burner is barely lit, and the right side goes out and eventually back on. The pilot or flames never went totally out, but we could tell right away with the first order that the oven was not up to temp and just switched to using the bottom oven which is fine. I was thinking about replacing the thermostat but wanted to know if this sounds like the right fix.

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