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Food Safety

Making The Grade: Should Restaurants Post Food Safety Info?

The Center For Science In The Public Interest, an advocacy group that has tangled with the food service industry before over menu nutrition labeling, is pushing for letter grades of restaurant’s latest health inspections to be posted in the front window. The grade works on a 100-point scale and corresponds with a restaurant’s score: 90-100 […]

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The Schechter Report

Can Your Equipment Disappear?

Over the past few months, I’ve done a lot of writing and editing of materials describing sustainable food service operations. In addition to helping operators fulfill their potential for socially responsibility, sustainability practices typically lower overall program costs, boost local economies and create new revenue streams. Equipment end-users increasingly understand this; consultants are positioning themselves […]

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Culinary Alumni Unite!

Alumni Helping Alumni, a place where New England area culinary alumni can come together and help each other in business. Two culinary alumnus have joined together to create an online public marketplace to help fellow New England area, culinary alumni network and take advantage of the skills and offerings that other culinary alumni can offer them. […]

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Local Restaurant Marketing

How Tech Companies Are Competing To Help You Market Your Restaurant Locally

Marketing your restaurant online is a concept that’s relatively new to the food service industry as a whole, and is still a foreign concept to many restaurateurs.  This is not helped by the speed with which marketing channels online are moving.  By the time you set up a Facebook page, everyone’s raving about Twitter, and […]

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Restaurant Sales Coming Back

Restaurants Report Customers Coming Back

Some of the largest players in the food service industry, including Brinker International, McDonald’s, Chipotle, and The Cheesecake Factory are reporting sales and guest traffic up for the first quarter of 2010.  That meant good news for the rest of the sector, which had been hurting particularly badly after consumers went into recession mode last […]

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Deep Discounts For Restaurants

The Age of the Groupon: Does It Make Sense For Restaurants?

Groupon, along with and a whole array of other discount coupon websites have proliferated in the last year as restaurants struggle to get customers through their doors.  These sites operate by getting large discount vouchers from restaurants (usually in the 50% range) and then marketing them to a large list of potential customers through […]

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yelp drama

The Yelp Drama Continues

I’ve written several times about Yelp – a San Francisco based website that collects and publishes reviews about local small businesses in many cities across the country.  Naturally, restaurants are one of the most commonly reviewed businesses on the site. Over the past year a steady grumbling has risen about the way in which Yelp […]

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