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California & Vermont Restaurants: Are You Compliant?

If you’re in the food service industry in either California or Vermont, then this blog post is for you. New legislation in these two states changes the kind of faucets and pipe fittings that can be installed in restaurants and commercial kitchens starting early next year.  California Assembly Bill 1953 and Vermont Senate Bill S152 […]

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Hibiscus Is A Hot New Menu Trend

Menu Trends: Ruby Red Hibiscus Flavors

Hibiscus, the beautiful tropical flower, is now making its way into cocktails, teas, and desserts in some of the trendiest urban restaurants.  The taste is described as both fruity and floral, with a tartness not unlike lemon.  From the perspective of presentation, hibiscus flavored drinks and desserts turn an appealing ruby red color.  Some supermarkets […]

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Restaurant Management Have Cut Employee Training Budgets

Restaurant Management: No Training Budget? Spend Nothing But Time And Succeed

According to a new study by the Council of Hotel And Restaurant Trainers (CHART), 53% of the restaurants surveyed had cut back on their employee training budgets.  Only 19% increased their budget, with the rest remaining the same.  The study covered a wide variety of restaurants, from small independents to large national chains, with the […]

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Inhale A Vaportini at The Red Kiva

Extreme Mixology: Inhaling Vaportinis

Mixology is a hot trend in food service.  More and more bars and restaurants are investing in exotic flavors and unique blends to make cocktails that draw customers in and tantalize their taste buds.  There are even professional “mixologists” who dedicate their time to the art of developing the next trendy cocktail. The Red Kiva […]

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Restaurants Are Not Using Social Media For Marketing

For All The Hype, Are Restaurants Really Using Social Media?

For all the buzz around using social media like Twitter and Facebook as marketing tools for restaurants, a recent study by indicates the majority of restaurants aren’t catching on.  Establishments in three major urban centers, New York, San Francisco, and Portland, OR were surveyed about their internet and social media marketing strategies. The results […]

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