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Restaurants Are Not Using Social Media For Marketing

For All The Hype, Are Restaurants Really Using Social Media?

For all the buzz around using social media like Twitter and Facebook as marketing tools for restaurants, a recent study by indicates the majority of restaurants aren’t catching on.  Establishments in three major urban centers, New York, San Francisco, and Portland, OR were surveyed about their internet and social media marketing strategies. The results […]

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Foursquare Is A Hot New iPhone App

Restaurant Marketing Goes Hyperlocal

There’s a new movement afoot in the urban centers of this country.  It started sometime last year and is still in its infancy, but given enough time, it could become the next MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter of the social media revolution. It’s called “hyperlocal” social media.  One of the pioneers of the movement, Everyblock, provides […]

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7 Sustainability Tips For Your Restaurant

More and more restaurants are exploring ways to make their operations “sustainable.”  Yes, it’s a buzzword, and yes, it’s a trend most commonly associated with San Francisco restaurants and other yuppie hideouts.  That doesn’t mean most of the restaurants out there can’t utilize sustainability in their operations. Trends show that consumers are increasingly educated about […]

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