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Restaurant Energy Efficiency: 10 Tips

It’s such a buzzword these days it has almost become cliche, but nevertheless green restaurants are an important and lasting trend.  Customers are the main force driving this, and consistently they say they value restaurants with green practices.  Giving customers what they want while reducing your operating costs through more efficient (“green”) practices seems like […]

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Healthy Menu Trends

Healthy Menus: Are Customers Saying One Thing Then Doing Another?

Healthy this.  Healthy that.  We want nutrition information.  We want healthy menu choices. The drumbeat coming from consumers and consumer groups over the last five years has steadily increased, demanding healthier options from restaurants in all segments of the food service industry.  Heavyweights like McDonald’s have bent under the pressure, and everyone across the industry […]

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Jumping on the Gastropub Bandwagon

4 Things You Can Learn From Restaurant Chains

Big operators like Chili’s, Applebees, The Cheesecake Factory, and others are always looking for ways to improve taste and customer experience while increasing efficiency.  These companies spend a lot of money every year in research and development, and studying the trends that come out of the big chain restaurant’s R&D can be very informative. Here […]

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The Kitchen Cafe Uses Local Farms

Boulder Spotlight: The Kitchen Cafe’s Sustainable Restaurant Ethos

The Kitchen Café community bistro takes the community part of their name very seriously.  The Boulder, Colorado restaurant provides a simple, rustic setting where friends, families, and neighbors can gather to enjoy great tasting, unpretentious food and a world-class beer and wine list.  Meals can be ordered family style any day of the week and […]

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