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“Zion Curtains” Come Down In Utah

The liquor laws in Utah have always been bizarre.  From requiring membership in “private clubs” to drink local microbrews to no Sunday beer and liquor sales to limiting beer to 3.2% alcohol content, the requirements placed on restaurants, bars, and liquor stores have always been more stringent than in other states.  But the barriers state […]

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Vegetables Form Local Sources

Greener and Cheaper: Restaurants Grow Their Own Food

You’ve heard about organic ingredients.  You’ve also heard about food miles and skyrocketing food costs.  Anybody in the restaurant business can tell you these issues have affected their customer’s tastes and their bottom line.  Stir in increasingly frugal customers and you’ve got a recipe for trouble in any restaurant.  That devilish combination of customers expecting […]

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Restaurant Technology and Marketing: Become a Hotspot!

More and more restaurants, especially fast casual, coffee shop, and quick service chains, are becoming WiFi internet hotspots, allowing customers to plug in to an internet network directly from their laptop computer at their table. Turning your restaurant into a hotspot is relatively easy and has proven to help boost lunch sales by as much as […]

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Green Compost Makes For A Green Farm

Restaurants and Farmers Work Together To Reduce Waste and Improve Crop Yields

San Francisco restaurants are participating in a city-wide compost collection program that has collected over 105,000 tons of food scraps and yard trimmings in a single year.  All that waste used to end up in the landfill, where compostable waste makes up a full third of everything in the dump.  The all natural fertilizer created […]

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